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Volatile liquid chemical compound. Used to fuel rockets and other machines.

Chemfuel is a resource crafted from wood or organic material at a refinery or mined 150 at a time with a deep drill. It can be used to fuel pod launchers, or as a crafting ingredient.


Miscellaneous gears, capacitors, circuit boards, tubes, wheels, sensors, wires, chips, processors, and other electronic and industrial parts. Necessary for assembling complex machines or electronics.

Mortar shell

An explosive shell to be fired from mortars. Explodes when damaged.

Mortar shells serve as ammunition fired from one of the three mortar types (Explosive, Incendiary, EMP). They are also a requirement to build improvised explosive traps (explosive, incendiary). They can be crafted at a machining table for 5 steel and 10 chemfuel, or bought from traders, typically the combat supplier. An artillery shell will explode in a 5 x 5 square if damage reduces its hit points to 20 or less, or deterioration reduces them to 0.


Beer before fermentation. This substance needs to ferment in a fermenting barrel before it becomes drinkable beer.

Wort is produced at a brewery by cooks. It is the initial step to making beer. The production of wort is set up by creating a bill at the brewery. The bill can be set to require a minimum cooking skill level. This process yields 5 wort from 25 hops and takes 17 work. The amount of time it takes to complete the bill is determined by the colonist's brewing speed. After fermenting Wort in a fermenting barrel for 10 days it becomes beer.