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Raw food are foods primarily used as an ingredient for meals or for processing by a nutrient paste dispenser. All raw foods have a 2% to cause food poisoning, and most of them incur a mood penalty.

Most foods (raw and prepared) spoil after a certain amount of time, depending on the food. Freshly cooked meals always have the same shelf life, no matter how close to spoiling the raw ingredients were; it is thus possible to extend the shelf life of raw ingredients that are about to go bad by cooking them into meals.

Storing food at low temperatures (close to freezing) extends the shelf life. Frozen food never spoils.

Raw (bad tasting)[edit]

The following food items will cause colonists to get the Ate raw food thought. Animals eat these items with no such effect.

Eating raw human meat gives an especially bad mood effect for most colonists (see Human resources).

Name Nutrition Deterioration rate Shelf life (days)
Agave fruit.png
Agave fruit 0.05 6 25
Corn 0.05 6 60
Potatoes 0.05 6 30
Raw fungus.png
Raw fungus 0.05 40
Rice 0.05 6 40
Egg small.png
Meat big a.png
Meat 0.05 6 2

Raw (tasty)[edit]

The following food items are tasty, even when eaten raw, and this incurs no mood penalty. However, all raw food is considered unsafe and still comes with same risk of food poisoning as other raw foods.

Name Nutrition Deterioration rate Shelf life (days)
Berries 0.05 6 14
Milk 0.05 10 14
Insect jelly b.png
Insect jelly 0.05 6 never spoils

Animal Feed[edit]

Hay is edible only by herbivorous animals. It can be combined with any meat into Kibble, which is edible by all animals (and humans, incurring a mood penalty).

Name Nutrition Deterioration rate Shelf life (days)
Hay a.png
Hay 0.05 6 60