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Previous Version: Version/1.3.3069
Released on: 24 July 2021
Next Version: Version/1.3.3074
Released on: 29 July 2021

Released on: 27 July 2021

Hey all, another update! This one hits a lot of various points game-wide. See change list below.

It should be compatible with everything. Please let us know on the official dev Discord if you have a problem and we'll get right on it!

We're continuing to collect feedback and improve everything we can. I much appreciate everyone who has helped out!

Change list:[edit]

  • Having 1 or 2 colonists of a player's original ideoligion boosts conversion chance for that ideoligion and reduces it for conversions against that ideoligion. This is configurable in difficulty settings. This makes it easier to expand an ideoligion starting from just one person.
  • When a pawn is connected to multiple gauranlen trees, they prioritize pruning the tree with the biggest difference between desired connection strength and current.
  • Tune slave rebellion chances a bit lower, and reduce the effects of some factors. Slave weapon noticing distance reduced from 10 to 6.9.
  • Burka now covers neck and shoulders.
  • Gauranlen pod sprouts can happen even when no tree connector pawns are present. They will occur roughly every 60 days. Roughly every 30 days for tree connectors. Gauranlen pod sprouts can occur on desert or extreme desert biomes, but not ice sheet or sea ice.
  • Auto-slaughter config allows you to control bonded animal slaughter specifically.
  • Gauranlen trees heal slowly over time.
  • Suspend dryads currently in cocoons.
  • You can no longer change the color of lodgers' apparel if they refuse to change their apparel at all.
  • Improvements to styling station dialog based on feedback.
  • Added darker black hair color option. Moved hard-coded hair colors to ColorDefs.
  • Use faster HasHead property instead of GetNotMissingParts().Any(x =>...)
  • Fix: Women constantly using the styling station to get a beard that they are not allowed to have.
  • Fix: Animals portraits blank on ritual setup dialog.
  • Fix: Dryads prioritize rest over drafted follow.
  • Fix: Potential NRE when ritual participants target a bed.
  • Fix: Pawns can extract skulls from corpses that have lost their head since designation.
  • Fix: Royal titles wanting personal bedrooms don't like love clusters. Bed room owners are now calculated by love cluster rather than pawn relationship pair.
  • Fix: Missing reservation check.
  • Fix: Potential error when ritual participants target a bed.
  • Fix: Checking all beds instead of just humanlike ones for room owner.
  • Fix: Checking reachability in ClosestThing_Global_Reachable.
  • Fix: Members of a love cluster that have a single bed get "slept alone" thoughts.
  • Fix: Couples made of a slave/colonist pair want to sleep together, despite not being able to share a bed.
  • Fix: Missing translation key.
  • Fix: Animals portraits blank on ritual setup dialog.
  • Fix: Checking reachability in ClosestThing_Global_Reachable.
  • Fix: Tattoos add transparency to pawn skin background.
  • Fix: Iterating forwards through knownExpansions instead of backwards.
  • Fix: Not using local map variable in Alert_IdeoBuildingDisrespected.
  • Precept.PlayerWarning -> GetPlayerWarning.
  • MayRequire="Ideology" -> MayRequire="Ludeon.RimWorld.Ideology" in a few places.