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Downed is a state in which a pawn or animal is rendered incapable of movement. When pawns are downed, they drop any weapon in their hands.

Downing happens when a pawn's or animal's Moving capacity is reduced below 15%. This can occur through a variety of methods - they may simply have their Moving capacity directly reduced such as by the destruction of their legs. Alternatively, they may lose sufficient Consciousness which in turns affects Moving.

A downed pawn or animal is a valid target for a variety of actions:

  • Rescue.
  • Melee attack to death (without Melee XP though).
  • Being fired at - just like any living being (without Shooting XP though).
  • Being carried by any drafted pawn, even by the one incapable of hauler work.
  • Being tended by a drafted pawn on the spot, except by the one incapable of doctoring. Being assigned to doctoring is not required. If the tending pawn is carrying medicine, it will be used.

Actions specific to downed pawns:

Actions specific to downed animals:

  • Throat cut. Performed routinely on a downed hunter's target.

Version history

  • 1.3.3066 - Drafted pawns can tend to others in the field. They will use medicine if they are carrying any.
  • 1.3.3066 - Drafted pawns can be ordered to carry another downed pawn. The pawn can be dropped on command.