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Pain is a Stat: How much pain a person feels.

Most biological creatures in Rimworld feel pain caused by injuries. Extreme pain causes colonists, raiders, and animals alike to go into shock. Pain causes unhappy thoughts. Once pain passes 10%, it'll start to have an effect on consciousness.

Most pain is temporary, but scars and certain diseases can cause long-term or permanent pain. A Painstopper implant will get rid of all a colonist's pain and negate any pain-related mood penalties. Note that colonists with the Masochist trait get a mood bonus from pain instead of a penalty, so it's usually better to leave them alone.


Pain follows a somewhat painful formula:

Pain = Number of Injuries ÷ [80.0 × Max Pain Level Multiplier[1] × Health Scale[2] + Extra Pain ÷ (80.0 × Max Pain Level Multiplier)]

  1. This is 1.0 for humans.
  2. This is also 1.0 for humans

Extra pain is determined by individual injuries:

Extra Pain = Injury Damage × Injury Pain Value

  • 50 crush damage would do 50 damage × 1.25 crush pain = 62.5 extra pain
  • 50 burn damage would do 50 damage × 1.875 burn pain = 93.75 extra pain