Deadfall trap

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Deadfall trap


A suspended spiked weight held up by a delicate trigger. When the victim disturbs the trigger, the weight is released and falls on his head or torso.

1 ˣ 1
Steel 50
Steel 38

A deadfall trap has an 80% chance to trigger when a pawn walks over it. It is less likely to be triggered by small animals. A deadfall trap has a base damage of 60 when made of steel. Damage is dealt as sharp melee, which may strike any body part, and usually causes bleeding. The actual damage inflicted varies, up to its max damage, and is rarely enough to cause a fatality to humans or large animals. Colonists and friendlies are aware of placed traps and will walk around them, but only if another short route is available. Pawns will not be able to avoid traps placed in a long continuous line, or in chokepoints like a narrow hallway. Traps placed in a checkerboard pattern are easily navigated by colonists and friendlies by pathing diagonally. A trap is less likely to be triggered by a colonist or friendly. If a colonist or prisoner triggers a trap, a yellow envelope alert appears to notify the player. An armed deadfall trap slows down any pawn walking over it, but once tripped it has a zero path cost and friendlies won't bother avoiding it.

Once an enemy faction triggers a trap, they know where it is?


Once tripped, a deadfall trap can be rearmed only by a colonist with the hauling job type. Colonists will first remove any object laying on the trap before rearming it.

Manual rearming
Tripped deadfall traps can be rearmed as follows:

  • Select a colonist with the hauling job type and right-clicking on the trap.
  • Select the trap.
  • Click Rearm trap, or press the hotkey (default M). (A trap set to rearm is indicated with a small red V.)
  • Select a colonist with the hauling job type.
  • Right-click the trap and select 'Prioritize rearming trap'.

Automatic rearming
Deadfall traps can be set to auto-rearm, which automatically designates the trap to rearm each time it is tripped. Setting a trap to auto-rearm should be done while it is still armed. If a trap is already tripped, turning on the auto-rearm has no immediate effect. The trap must be manually rearmed first.

A deadfall trap can be made from any material:

Material Cost Damage HP
Steel.png Steel 70 60 40
Plasteel.png Plasteel 70 72 112
Wood.png Wood 70 18 16
Uranium.png Uranium 1400 66 100
Silver.png Silver 1400 30 28
Gold.png Gold 1400 18 24
Granite Blocks.png Granite 70 39 68
Limestone Blocks.png Limestone 70 36 62
Marble Blocks.png Marble 70 36 48
Sandstone Blocks.png Sandstone 70 30 56
Slate Blocks.png Slate 70 36 52