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DJRedNightGaming (talkcontribs)

Hello there! I've noticed that you've made a few edits on the wiki, and wanted to introduce myself. I'm one of the contributors here on the wiki. If you haven't already I highly suggest checking out the RimWorld_Wiki:Community_portal for ideas and suggestions on things to edit. Some other good resources are the Rimworld Wiki Discord, where admins, mods, and contributors like yourself come and hang out and discuss changes and projects here on the wiki!

If you're new to editing wiki's in general, we suggest checking out the How To: Basics page.

For a list of current projects and ways to contribute you can check out the RimWorld Wiki:To-do page, and also check out our New Trello Page.

After you figure out what projects you want to work on, please update your profile page here on the wiki and let some people know that you're taking on the project. That way we can hopefully avoid any formatting or content duplications/bugs/glitches. You can do so by letting us know in the Discord Server!

Feel free to hit me up via Discord or any of my Social Media pages listed on my profile User:DJRedNightGaming!

Thanks for your contribution,


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