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Video Game Enthusiast, Programmer, & Lover of All Things Tech

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Hello there and thanks for visiting my profile! My name is DJRedNight. I'm a programmer, video game enthusiast, and lover of all things tech! Feel free to reach out to me via Discord to connect, share ideas, or ask questions! I'm always free and available to chat!


How to Get Involved[edit]

You want to get involved more in the creation of the Rimworld Wiki? Check out the Community Portal to learn more! Also don't forget to join the Rimworld Wiki Discord to stay in touch with fellow contributors!


Current Projects[edit]

Some of my current Rimworld Wiki Projects! If you have any suggestions, please feel free to reach out to me via Discord!

  • Game Version History - Create Guide on how to update the Main Page, and add the newest version to the wiki
    • Game Version History - Update Community Portal with this guide
  • Game Version History - Update the Version Navigation Box to the similar style of the Template:InfoBoxMain
  • Game Version History - Update the Version Table on Version History Page
  • Game Version History - Update Category:Version
  • Game Version History - Update All Game Version Pages to add appropriate category (Internal, Silent, Public)

Future Projects[edit]

These are a list of my future projects in order of priority from top down.

  • Animals - Make sure all pages have the animals navigation at the bottom
  • Animals - Formatting & Grammatical Fixes
  • Animals - Add Technical Information on every animal to decrease the size of the infobox for a more fluid flow and better display of large amounts of information
  • Template:Infobox - Get rid of the double borders on the dl list
  • Community Portal - UI & UX Changes
  • Community Portal - Add guides on how to become a more efficient contributor, updating your profile page to include current, past, and future projects, etc.

Completed Projects[edit]

  • Training Template Update for v.1.1.2610
  • List_of_animals - Change Obedience and Release to Guard & Attack to better reflect the current version of the game
  • Main Page - Update To Add Unofficial Rimworld Wiki Discord
  • Community Page - Add Unofficial Rimworld Wiki Discord
  • Game Version History - Update Games Version History Page to bring current to v1.1.2618
  • Game Version History - Update Versioning Template UI to increase UX
    • Completed by just not using the template and used SMW headers & proper formatting
  • Game Version History - Update out of date versions (Need to do Pre-alpha1 - Alpha 10 Still)
  • Game Version History - Update All Pages linking to the games versioning
  • Game Version History - Update all "version changes" to better reflect the semantic versioning system. (See:
  • Game Version History - Go back through and update all "Release Trailer" sections to display the YouTube Embed instead of just a link