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Might be taking a break from the wiki for a few months

  • Coming back because of 1.3

ok might actually come back for real I have schoolwork though so like I don't know man

To Do:

  • Brambles cover effectiveness and walk speed reduction
    • I tested in game but did not see a walk speed reduction at bottom of screen despite the description of brambles, could this be mod-tainting?
    • Find actual movement factor of brambles
  • Pictures
    • Pictures for the titles page (¼ done)
    • Pawn pictures
      • Tribal and Outlander traders
      • Smoke Grenadiers
      • Travelers in general
    • Pictures of Snow and add more details and an infographic
    • Explosion AoE pictures for explosive weapons, shells, and boomanimals
    • Monument pix
  • The description for Animal sleeping spot is actually for the Sleeping spot (for humans).
  • Pages wanted
  • 1.3 and Ideology brings new menus
    • Update pic of schedule with meditation assignemnt
    • Update pic of assign tab with medicine carry
    • Picture and further description of Ideology tab