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Missing "Expectations" section

Georch (talkcontribs)

The expectations seem to have moved to RimWorld/Data/Core/Defs/Misc/ExpectationDefs/Expectations.xml . I tried updating the wiki, but in the preview, it didn't render the file. I don't know the mechanics of the file-rendering.

The section "Situation General" still contains a comment about it, indicating that the expectations might have previously been there. I think it would be nice to have a separate article on expecations, though, since it is quite a central concept.

Harakoni (talkcontribs)

I'm not entirely sure what you're trying to say wrt file rendering, but I the issue you're having might be that the thoughts tables are transcluded from their own pages rather than being on the page itself. So Situation General is actually at Thoughts/Situation_General and then its transcluded to that section of the Mood page.

As for the main issue, if you'd like you can add a section for expectations (just make it on this page and we xan make any standardization changes, if any, later), and create a redirect to it at Expectations but personally I don't know that it needs an entire page to itself so long as the relevant details (e.g. wealth levels) are included here. Its still ultimately a mood mechanic after all. Thats just my opinion though, not any official ruling. Open to arguments for it.

Merge "Thought Details" section into the table?

PigeonGuru (talkcontribs)

Read title. I think it might be slightly better to incorporate when a thought occurs into the table rather than have it as its own standalone section.

Harakoni (talkcontribs)

That will make the table quite long, especially for some of the more complicated ones, but the page is massive anyway so its likely worth trading table length for page length. Afaik the thought tables aren't used elsewhere. The only issue is we lose the ability to link to a specific moodlet's details if its only in a table, but that's already an issue with Research and nobody seems to care. I say give it a shot.

Harakoni (talkcontribs)

I think information is being lost in the distillation of the page information into the table. For example. the previous section defined what it meant for a prisoner to be Guilty. It also linked to the pages for visitor and prisoner and was explicit that euthanasia was a surgery (so a new player doesn't get the wrong idea and just order a pawn to kill another)

Even if its just things like writing a section on Prisoner and linking the word Guilty, I think the information should be preserved.

PigeonGuru (talkcontribs)

I think so too, looks like you have some ideas in mind as to how to deal with it which is good though. Maybe I'd leave a section behind which explains stuff that don't really fit into other pages, if necessary.

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