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DuskTheUmbreon (talkcontribs)

There appears to be a second ring where a stronger mood debuff (-10) occurs. This appears to be a 2 tile radius from the structure.

The name of the debuff does not change, but the description does change to read "These thoughts coming from the structure, they open doors to such vastness... I feel so small that I might disappear."

Since nobody has mentioned it, but it feels like something that should have been noticed, I'm not certain if this is due to a mod I have installed or if it's just that nobody has paid enough attention.

If someone can confirm that this enhanced debuff exists in vanilla that would be appreciated

Harakoni (talkcontribs)

Both the -5 and -10 thoughts are vanilla (in Thoughts_Situation_Special.xml to be specific) and are attached to the PsychicArchotechEmanator_Major (there is also a PsychicArchotechEmanator_Core and PsychicArchotechEmanator_Grand so its not likely to be for the other archotech structures). Not entirely sure how that attaches to the building on the backend though to extract the exact radii etc. might have to look at the c# for that.

Either way, feel free to add it even without all the specifics, it is tagged as a stub for a reason.

DuskTheUmbreon (talkcontribs)

Cool. Thanks for confirming.

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