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Can we have Community Portal link within the main page?118:59, 25 April 2017
Main Page link to Modding Tutorials100:57, 12 July 2015
What happened?608:30, 9 March 2015

Can we have Community Portal link within the main page?

Is there a reason it was never incorporated?

Yoshida Keiji (talk)11:20, 25 April 2017

No reason to have it there that i can see. I'll add it in, if someone thinks it shouldn't be there, feel free to remove it.

Nitrodev (talk)18:59, 25 April 2017

Main Page link to Modding Tutorials

The main page links to two "Mods" links at the moment, including "Modding Guide". This modding guide is, however, a single modding tutorial which would be much better off with a link on Modding Tutorials than on Main Page. I would like the "Modding Guide" link replaced with a "Modding Tutorials" link; [[Modding Tutorials]]

Alistaire (talk)14:00, 11 July 2015

Will do.

Edit: Done.

Zesty (talk)00:55, 12 July 2015

What happened?

Any reason the main page was changed so much? I thought it looked a lot better with all the images rather than just text...

Snickers10m (talk)03:02, 28 July 2014

Agreed... why were the images removed? Now the main page looks as bland as nutrient paste.

Longbyte1 (talk)02:28, 6 August 2014

There was some serious filth in the code, a lot of the layout was poorly formatted and not consistent with the design, and a lot of the code was related to now-absent translation features of the wiki, and the images were eating a ton of bandwidth and did not work on non-huge screen resolutions or mobile devices. And the news sections were duplicating a lot of info that is better found elsewhere (Ludeon blog).

I very much hope someone will take a shot at jazzing up the front page a tab - in a way that won't murder our bandwidth, works well on all devices, and doesn't duplicate constantly-changing info that belongs on the blog. Please go to it if you're willing to do so! I agree it looks a bit bland now but we need a design that works well on logical and technical levels and doesn't just look pretty. Simple and tasteful are good.

TynanSylvester (talk)01:25, 7 August 2014

I have taken the main page and general layout and now reworked it. As said the bandwidth issue means that this text version is the best option. I ahve though done this:

  • Edited the table layout with with % so that all columns are with specific for easy transfer over devices.
  • Changed the div layout sections to co inside with the tables columns
  • Added links to other media sources within the main table
    • facebook, forums
  • Added No brack Spaces, these will make sure that link wording will stay combined on shrinking and bullets stay behind the text.
  • tweaked link layout slightly to compensate for new length
  • added buffer zone to the right hand side of page to make sure table stays centered
  • Made link bullets consistant accross the layout.
  • removed editable headers

The changes made are all cosmetic but will make the main page more accessable on all decives. Hopefully this will be the last chanegother than adding links.

Feedback and thoughts?

ElStrages (talk)10:13, 4 March 2015

Separator lines are a bit misaligned on my screen. Connect them?

Longbyte1 (talk)01:15, 7 March 2015

Honestly I preferred it before; it no longer makes use of wide screen resolutions and the intro text really feels packed in.

Check wikipedia for a good layout like this that fills the space cleanly.

TynanSylvester (talk)07:46, 7 March 2015

I will have a look at that picture when im not at work, as it is blocked. They were never joined on my screen either at any point. The main problem is they arn't actually borders of boxes they're undelines of the header class. I can look into changing the Text settings and border settings of the boxes if you think it will look better.

Ok i opened it up in firefox and saw the issues. Sorry im an IE guy which is aweful as IE is probably the worst for testing :P i have updated the in table styles and changed some widths.

  • The intro text is now same width as the table bellow section.
    • Link sections reduced to compensate
  • The top tables width is now 100% maximising on larger res screens.
  • Logo aligned to center for FF and Safari
ElStrages (talk)08:15, 9 March 2015