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False statement209:06, 24 May 2017

False statement

<quote>Female animals that give live birth become pregnant when a male animal approaches them and mates.</quote>

I have males and females separated by a wall but they still keep breeding, which means contact is not a requirement. The females just get pregnant randomly without males interaction.

Yoshida Keiji (talk)06:48, 24 May 2017

Have you tried separating the males even further? If it's just 1 wall then it's most likely a bug.

PigeonGuru (talk)08:24, 24 May 2017

Well, actually I said wall to simplify the expression but they are (were as I type this I just finished the game) actually separated by different zones apart from each other. But then the most notorious sign is that if a specimen gets pregnant, wouldn't we be seeing the hearts between the two? Because I clicked on the top notification message immediately after getting the report and the females had not one male anywhere near around. This happened to me with Muffles and Pigs.

Yoshida Keiji (talk)09:06, 24 May 2017