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Default scenario choosing window without extra scenarios

The scenario system allows you to choose, randomize, and customize special situations to play in. Determine starting situation, your type of community (tribe, colony), permanent map conditions, starting items, animals, health conditions, and traits, and change special rules. By default 3 built-in scenarios are in the game, one of which is the default experience from versions before A14. In the image on the right, you can see the window for choosing scenarios and the "Open Steam Workshop" button (if you are using the steam version of the game).

Scenario editor

Scenario edit mode

The scenario editor looks somewhat like the default scenario choosing window except the left side of the page has changed, there are now three buttons: Load, which you can use to load your previously saved custom scenarios. Save, which is used to save your custom scenarios. And randomize seed, which is used to randomize the scenario. Under these buttons is the Edit mode, which you can toggle to open a window like the one on the bottom-right.

Edit mode

In this mode you can change a scenario however you want. Each of the parts on the right of the window are explained below, including the possible inputs.

Mandatory parts

Part name Description Possible inputs
Title The title for the scenario. Text
Summary A short version of the description for the scenario. Text
Description The description for the scenario. Text
Player faction The type of faction you will run. (changes what research you have and don't have) Colony
Starting people The amount of people you will start with. Number (max 10)
Arrival method How your colonists will arrive. Standing
Drop pods

Voluntary parts

Part name Description Possible inputs
Allowed age range The biological age range of your colonists. Number slider (min 15, max 120)
Characters explode on death Self explanatory. Number (max 1000000000) and type of explosion (bomb or flame)
Disable incident Disabling of an incident for the colony. Every incident
Disallow building Disallows a building from being built. Every building
Forced health condition Forces the characters specified to have a specific health condition. Type of health condition
Severity of the condition
Chance for having the condition
Who will have the condition
Forced trait Forces the characters specified to have a specific trait. Trait
Chance for having the trait
Who will have the trait
Game start dialog Text shown at the start of the game Text
Permanent map condition Forces the map to have the specified map condition permanently on Map condition
Planetkiller weapon incoming Makes the game end after a specified amount of days Number (max 1000000000)
Scattered randomly Makes the game scatter the specified items randomly around the map. Item
Number (max 100000000000)
Start near Makes the game spawn the specified items near your starting location. Item
Number (max 100000000000)
Start with Makes the game drop the specified items to your starting location. Item
Number (max 100000000000)
Start with animal(s) Makes the game start you with the specified animals as pets. Number (max 100000000000)
Start with research Makes the game start you with the specified research. Research
Stat multiplier The multiplier for Stats Number (max 10000)

These parts are self explanatory and require no input: Cannot mine, cannot sow, cannot tame and cannot hunt.


  • The Lost Tribe scenario is unique in the fact that you are able to start with a Jade Knife, which cannot be selected for any other scenario nor crafted.
  • You cannot select ship chunks to be scattered around the map in Scenario Editor like there are in the standard Crashlanded scenario.