Hop plant

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Hop plant

A flowering plant that yields hops, an essential ingredient in beer.


Base Stats

Max Hit Points

Stat Modifiers

A plant that when harvested, yields hops that can then be used to produce beer. Hop plants can be planted in a growing zone or a hydroponics basin.

Sowing hop plants requires a minimum growing skill of 7, but any colonist capable of plant cutting can harvest them.

If harvested at the earliest opportunity, at 65% complete, it yields 4 hops, if harvested at 75%, it yields 6 hops, but if harvested at 100%, it yields 8 hops. When grown on soil, at the ideal temperature and 100% growth rate, the time to grow to 65% is approximately 61 in-game hours (excluding resting time at night). With the same conditions, the time to grow to 100% is 94 in-game hours, or 3 days, 21.5 hours (including resting time at night).

Raw hops are not edible and are only used to make beer. Brewing uses 25 hops, and produces 5 wort, which is then fermented to make 5 beer.