Devilstrand mushroom

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Devilstrand mushroom

This fragile mushroom was genetically engineered to produce a silk net of the highest grade. Long rumored to have mystical properties, it owes its name to the greed it inspires in people.


Base Stats

Max Hit Points

Stat Modifiers

The extremely long growth time and small harvest makes devilstrand mushrooms the most difficult crop to grow in the game by far. Players must be prepared to set aside huge patches of land to grow any useful amount of devilstrand. They must additionally protect their crops from fires, raider arson, poison ships, hungry wildlife, and even hungry pets. However, when fully grown, devilstrand is highly valuable and can sell for lots of silver.

Sowing devilstrand mushrooms requires a minimum growing skill of 10, but any grower can do the harvesting.

Players looking for a quick and reliable source of cloth are better off planting a small growing area of cotton plant.

Devilstrand is immune to blight, but not hungry animals. Thus it is a good idea to wall off your plantations.

Growing time

Growing time in days by medium.

Medium Grow time
Gravel 25.6 days
Soil 22.5 days
Rich soil 19.4 days