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The flu is a disease in RimWorld that can be caught by your colonists. General symptoms include impaired consciousness, manipulation, breathing, and eventually vomiting. Advanced symptoms include frequent vomiting, a small amount of pain, and eventually death - along with the general symptoms. The disease occurs at 33.3% progress towards death, but also 34.7% immunity in a young, healthy individual. The Flu is a somewhat easy disease to beat, requiring only a modest (healthy) doctor with ordinary, or even herbal medicine; for healthy colonists, you can simply let the disease progress on its own.

As the Flu immunizes faster than it develops, it's extremely easy to take care of. It only proves a major threat to those above the age of 40, but even then you don't need a very skilled doctor - or very good medicine to dispatch of the disease.

If left untreated, the flu can kill vulnerable people in 4 days from discovery.
Good treatment will slow the disease up to the point where it takes 11.15 days to kill.

It takes 3.780 days to develop immunity to the flu, assuming the patient is rested in an ordinary bed for the whole time, and under the age of 40.


Minor (Hidden) - Severity: 0 - 0.332

  • No effect on the affected colonist.
  • Buildup to the initial 33.3% disease head start that the flu has.

Minor - Severity: 0.333 - 0.665

  • -5% Consciousness
  • -5% Manipulation
  • -10% Breathing

Major - Severity: 0.666 - 0.832

  • Vomiting every 1.5 days (36 hours) on average
  • -10% Consciousness
  • -10% Manipulation
  • -15% Breathing

Extreme - Severity: 0.833 - 1

  • +5% Pain
  • Vomiting every 0.75 days (18 hours) on average
  • -15% Consciousness
  • -20% Manipulation
  • -20% Breathing
  • Death


  • When not immune, severity increases by 0.166 per day.
  • When immune, severity decreases by 0.333 per day.
  • Immunity increases by 0.173 per day when sick.
  • Treatment slows progression by a maximum of 0.09 per day.
    • This mean the severity will increase at 0.076 per day at this rate.

Overcoming the Flu

As the flu's a somewhat trivial disease as it immunises quicker than it deteriorates, you don't really need to be terribly mindful of treatment of those below 40.

However, giving treatments slows the disease, preventing it from affecting your colonists much and speeds up recovery after immunity is gained.

The following will apply to 80+ year old victims affected by the flu.

As with any patient, you'll want to make sure the people affected by the flu are in bed at all times, well-fed, and treated when necessary. You need to provide at least 30% treatment quality in order for 80+ year old patients to survive the flu - as long as their blood filtration levels are normal. You'll generally want to aim higher than this though, as 30% quality is the bare minimum needed to survive, and may not always work.

The following combinations of medicine skill and medicine types will be able to provide 30% treatment quality (assuming the doctor is healthy and unmodified):