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Distraction structures

Once you have lots of bulk materials, but don't have enough industry to build proper defenses, you can build an distractions to temporarily delay raids.

Doing this can delay raids in early-mid game if you have the effort and materials, but as you enter mid-late game it's better that you replace the suppressor with something else, such as a killbox, which can actually bring the hurt.

Attention suppressor

A full-size attention suppressor with a 1-wide path, built out of granite.

Start like you're making a 29-wide room, but instead of doors, just leave one-tile openings at opposite ends. That way it doesn't get a roof. If needed, use a no roof area. Down the middle of the attention suppressor leave an open path, which will actually be traveled by your colonists. Pack the sides with alternating walls, leaving numerous blind alleys branching off the open path. The attention suppressor should look like two giant combs facing each other across the path.

A raider entering through an attention suppressor is presented with numerous blind alleys, each one of which could hold something important (in their perspective). Raiders will typically only resist the lure of a dozen or so blind alleys, before turning off into one to look for something to attack. In many cases they'll attack the walls, but the general effect is that a raiding force will spend a long time milling around in the attention suppressor, deeply distracted, and slowly trickle out of it toward your base alone, or (for a large raid) in twos and threes. This slow trickle of raiders is easily handled by a few colonists with basic weapons, or later a few turrets and a repairman.

Colonists and visitors with specific business on one side or the other of the attention suppressor will go quickly down the middle without being distracted. However, colonists pursuing joy activities like going for a walk will usually be diverted to do so in the blind alleys of the attention suppressor. As a result, it's not safe to fill with deathtraps.


  • Effectively distracts and delays raiders


  • Does not deal damage
  • Takes up large amounts of space
  • Expensive and time-consuming to build a lot of walls
  • Makes it harder to eliminate all raiders at once

Dummy power grid

Place many wires randomly around the area. This causes enemies to stop and ignite or fight the wires, delaying them.

Note that they will charge immediately upon seeing colonists so this is a measure to buy time at best.


namespace RimWorld.Planet { public static class CaravanTicksPerMoveUtility { private const int DownedPawnMoveTicks = 450;

public const float CellToTilesConversionRatio = 190f;

public const int DefaultTicksPerMove = 2500;

public static int GetTicksPerMove(Caravan caravan) { if (caravan == null) { return 2500; } return CaravanTicksPerMoveUtility.GetTicksPerMove(caravan.PawnsListForReading); }

public static int GetTicksPerMove(List<Pawn> pawns) { if (pawns.Any<Pawn>()) { float num = 0f; for (int i = 0; i < pawns.Count; i++) { int num2 = (!pawns[i].Downed) ? pawns[i].TicksPerMoveCardinal : 450; num += (float)num2 / (float)pawns.Count; } num *= 190f; return Mathf.Max(Mathf.RoundToInt(num), 1); } return 2500; } } }