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Where do the weight numbers come from for Sight?

Bullwinkle (talkcontribs)

I wish to discuss the Sight page of this wiki. For shooting, the weight of Sight is listed as 12. For all other activities, the weight is between 0 and 1. Where do these numbers come from?

When I click the "i" button (lower left corner while a pawn is selected), and look under Stats/Combat, and then mouseover Shooting accuracy, it says 12X impact. Mouseover Melee Dodge and it says 8x impact.

But the Sight page of this wiki shows the weight of Sight for Shooting to be 12 and the weight for Melee Dodge to be 0.7. Why does the wiki say 0.7 for the weight of sight on Melee Dodge? Where does this number come from?

It is interesting to compare/contrast this to what is displayed in-game when you mouseover Medical Surgery Success Chance. Here, sight shows 40% "importance." No "impact" is displayed at all.

Mehni (talkcontribs)

Could well be outdated information. The game itself should be considered the primary source of information, if you find something in-game that conflicts with the wiki, the wiki is wrong.

The little "i" button will have a lot of information. You can also look through the XML files supplied with the game. If you have a good text editor like notepad++, sublime or VS Code, you can use Find in Files to search through all references to Sight. If you can read English, you'll be able to make sense of what you find.

Certain values are hardcoded in C#, you'll need a decompiler to read those. That's a bit more difficult. Check the modding tutorials for links and information on how to use them.

Bullwinkle (talkcontribs)

I'm not going to edit the Sight section of the wiki. But I think it might benefit from some loving attention by someone else someday.

Grandarchernyanta (talkcontribs)

Sight is used as an offset rather than a factor for shooting. The weight in this case is actually called "scale". This means that a 200% sight gives a (2-1)*12 offset to shooting stat.

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