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Incorrect values for Devilstrand made clothes600:30, 30 November 2016
Dedicated Pages for Individual Apparel Pieces?709:16, 29 November 2016

Incorrect values for Devilstrand made clothes

Devilstrand gives +5%, then for e.g. Sharp it gives 180%.

So let's say base is 3%, 3+5=8%, 8*1.80=14.4%. However, for pants, shirts etc. that have 3% base sharp defense, it says Devilstrand gives them 16%, instead of the correct value that would be 14.4% (I also just tested it in-game, and it's 14.4%, not 16%).

If only there was an easy way to edit this and I would've done it. Tbh this wiki is very inaccessible for your average-wiki-noob-guy like me. Should be an easy way to get to the specific formula that calculates this stuff, without even having to go into 'Edit' and having to look for any reference.

Weslington (talk)21:57, 7 August 2016

A Wiki can be simple, if you want plaintext and nothing more. Once you add tables and make things pretty, this is how every Wiki becomes. In fact, this wiki is miles above Wikipedia even in editability because it doesn't contain 5,000 LUA templates that require you know be fluent in a wholly separate programming language to modify. In this case, you can either have easy-to-update but static content that gets stale and nobody notices is wrong and you have to update in multiple places, or you can have dynamically calculated data.

But getting back on topic... here's how to make the update for all clothing in the game.

Edit Devilstrand and change the sharp armor factor from 2.0 to 1.8. This is the change that Tynan made in the XML files... who knows when. I've even already made this edit for you:

Here's the second part. Go to Template:Tag/Protects Body and edit it. Scroll to the devilstrand section. Change the multiplier from:
and save the changes. That's it. Refresh the Clothing page and you should see your changes have taken effect. If not, just give the Clothing page a null edit to give the server a little nudge to update faster.
Theaetetus (talk)22:18, 7 August 2016

I'm saying it's hella difficult to figure out

1. the value is on this page Template:Tag/Protects Body, how in earth would your average-wiki-noob-guy figure that out. Can there please be some sort of info somewhere accessibly with some directions on how to edit values like this one for Devilstrand?

2. the value is on the Devilstrand page itself. You don't see it (why is it even hidden in the first place? I would actually like to know its values on its page, not somewhere hidden after you click 'Edit'.).

Irrelevant how it is with Wikipedia. If how it is right now is the most simple possible way, and it's impossible to make it easier to edit stuff for your average-wiki-noob-guy, then I'm not surprised at all why everything on this wiki is getting updated so very slowly.

Weslington (talk)22:59, 7 August 2016

1. Average wiki guy will figure it out. I'm a relatively average wiki guy and it took me 30 seconds. Noob guy won't figure it out, but probably will post on the talk page asking for help and get it from average guy. I'm not trying to be harsh or mean, but there's seriously not a way to make this any easier and retain dynamic calculations for all the tables. The static alternative would have had you grabbing a calculator for every type of clothing and every material, probably make several errors, and then likely give up before you updated them all anyway.

2. That's just the design style the original author went with, probably to avoid cluttering the infobox. There's no reason we can't show it if that's what the masses want. This comment thread will probably alert quite a few editors judging from the edit history, so we should probably give them at least a few days to comment if they so choose.

Theaetetus (talk)23:10, 7 August 2016

Damn, jimmies got rustled. You're the average wiki guy? Sure, that made me laugh at least.

Good luck trying to get&keep this wiki updated while you can't even handle constructive criticism.

Weslington (talk)23:22, 7 August 2016

Agreed with Spdskatr. Show people where they can get help with Wikistuff, don't berate them for not knowing where it's at.

Keep it civil, please.

Zesty (talk)00:30, 30 November 2016

The only credible page on Wikipedia that shows you how to write all things wiki: No worries. No one should be called a noob.

Spdskatr (talk)01:58, 29 November 2016

Dedicated Pages for Individual Apparel Pieces?

Is it possible for there to be dedicated pages made for each item of clothing alongside this general page? I've got some ideas as to what to describe for each item, and they'll be unsuitably long to note down in this general page.

XeoNovaDan (talk)14:28, 26 November 2016

You could do that if you wanted to, just make pages for each of the clothing items like Duster or Parka etc. Add some links from the general clothing page and it's good to go.

Zesty (talk)19:13, 26 November 2016

Excellent :)

XeoNovaDan (talk)20:44, 26 November 2016
Edited by author.
Last edit: 02:18, 29 November 2016

I got the infoboxes. Feel free to join in. EDIT: Still need help with insulation information

Spdskatr (talk)08:09, 28 November 2016

Alrighty, will include these on the rest of the apparel pages (Pants, Tribalwear).

The Pants page will be created as 'Trousers', as Pants redirects to appropriate section on this page, but so does 'pants'
The Tribalwear page will be lowercase ('tribalwear') as Tribalwear is also taken as a redirect link

Edit 2: Maybe I could just put '(Main Page)' as opposed to other, less ideal compromises.

XeoNovaDan (talk)16:37, 28 November 2016

You know you can change redirects, don't you?

If not:
When you clicked on a link an got redirected it will say so on top of the page.
If you click on that link again you will get to the actual page where the redirect is on and not to the redirected page
For example
If you click on Pants you will get redirected to Clothing but when you scroll up and click on (redirected from Pants) you will get to Pants.

Once you are on the redirect page you can edit it and remove the redirect link, it will then behave as a normal page.

PieTau (talk)01:16, 29 November 2016