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This is a simple guide about the special markup language used to edit RimWorld Wiki, and is not a full guide. RimWorld Wiki runs MediaWiki with the Semantic extension.

Creating New Articles

With a brand new account, you will need at least 10 edits to be able to make a new article. This is an anti-spam bot measure.

Check out the Special Pages area to see articles that could use links, pictures, categories, etc. Fixing up grammar and spelling on pages is always appreciated as well, and is also an easy way to get your 10 edits.

Basic Markup

Effect What you type What shows up
Bold (Wiki) '''foo''' foo
Italics (Wiki) ''foo'' foo
Bold italics (Wiki) '''''foo''''' foo
Bold (HTML) <b>foo</b> foo
Italics (HTML) <i>foo</i> foo
Strikethrough (HTML) <s>foo</s> foo
Underline (HTML) <u>foo</u> foo
Comment (HTML) <!-- This is a comment which only shows in editing --> Only shown in edit
Internal Link [[Main Page]] Main Page
External Link [ Wikipedia:Help:Wiki markup] Wikipedia:Help:Wiki markup
Read as plain text <nowiki>[[foo]]</nowiki> [[foo]]


Heading 1 is the default if none is specified. It is intended for page titles, and are not suitable for page subheadings.

=Heading 1=
==Heading 2==
===Heading 3===
====Heading 4====
=====Heading 5=====
======Heading 6======

Common templates to use

Documentation can be seen in detail on each template's page.

Template:Define is used for infoboxes (drug, material, textile, food, medical items and exotic items, check Template:Define/doc for all supported item types.)
Template:Infobox main is used for infoboxes (everything else not supported by Template:Define)
Template:Asof is used to reference different versions of RimWorld.
Template:STDT is used for tables.
Template:List is to list the items in a category.
Template:Icon is used to display pictures the size of icons, inline with text.

Template:Stat is used to define a stat.
Template:Property with Page is used to define the properties included in infoboxes.