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Previous Version: Console version/1.21
Released on: 25 April 2023
Next Version: Console version/1.23
Released on: 12 May 2023

Released on: 4 May 2023

Features / additions[edit]

  • Added: New Auto-slaughter screen to make managing animal populations much easier
  • Added: New search and filtering added to custom scenario options. Quickly find the items etc you are looking for
  • Added: Extra colonist actions when drafted, to be able to select actions such as 'Animal Attack' or to consume drugs while being drafted
  • Added: Faction label on world map sites
  • Added: Nutrition details to “Form Caravan” details menu
  • Added: Prisoner and slave icon for “Form Caravan” menu
  • Added: Slave icon to Relations, Social and Gear tab in Caravan tabs
  • Added: 5% and 75% connection strength bars to Psypowers
  • Added: Information pop ups for special filters, where descriptions are useful
  • Added: Techprint information for research popups



  • Added: The game now asks for confirmation before removing an operation bill
  • Improved: Changed bill removing from button hold to a press with a confirmation dialog, to speed up removing multiple bills
  • Improved: Selection menu controls height which previously could cause misalignment and bad margins
  • Improved: Adjusted spacing and size of new save icons in save/load menus
  • Improved: Sliders now move faster when held to allow players to adjust values quickly
  • Improved: Multiple structure style changes to accommodate icons, making them fit in with other details panels
  • Improved: Custom icons in Scenario page now correct size and margin
  • Improved: Techprint requirement complete state is now updated in the research info popup
  • Improved: Error messages no longer stretch full screen width to improve readability
  • Improved: Refactor relations tab in character selection screen to avoid elements going out of bounds
  • Improved: Added backgrounds to popups in Ideology and Custom Scenario flows to make them easier to see
  • Improved: Popups in new flows now better fit the content by default
  • Removed: Right and left button prompts when no colonists are available on site
  • Removed: Info button no longer highlights when hovered over a filter in the stockpile screen
  • Removed: Favourite colour placeholder text if a colonist doesn't have favourite colour or Ideology DLC is not active


  • Crash fix: Addressed an issue within Custom scenario creation which caused a number of players to experience crashes on PlayStation 5
  • Improved: Seed length on PlayStation 4 is now unlimited, allowing better compatibility with PC seeds
  • Improved: Social logs will now update while the log screen is open
  • Improved: Better playback for Planet Killer animation


  • Improved: Spanish only styles for the Neural Heat label added to stop overlapping
  • Fix: Automatic selection in Caravan menu Gear tab was being cut off in other languages, it is now moved to the top of the tabs



  • Fix: Prevented the build menu from showing under Learning Helper
  • Fix: Health stats detail screen showed placeholder text for dead mechanoids
  • Fix: Truncation added to display of seed in Create World so it doesn’t overflow with large seeds lengths
  • Fix: Pinned inventory now hides correctly when empty
  • Fix: Cursor previously was not showing interact text for hostile factions
  • Fix: Correct scaling and aspect ratio added to multiple images and icons
  • Fix: Deconstructing neural supercharger now removes progress bar
  • Fix: Interaction menu staying visible when no options are available upon refreshing
  • Fix: All options now correctly show for all letters, including Ransom demand
  • Fix: Stats when viewing the detailed information of a minified item now show
  • Fix: Notification labels were not updating correctly for certain events
  • Fix: Pawn management Gear screen scrollbar was not updating correctly
  • Fix: Sort By Categories labels did not update when changes were made in the Caravan menu
  • Fix: An error with trying to view details card for apparel items has been fixed
  • Fix: Pinned inventory previously was overlapping the Architect screen
  • Fix: Incorrect text was showing for the Interact option when items with different toggle states were selected
  • Fix: The Contents button for the shuttle may have previously remained hidden until the 'Auto-Load' action was toggled
  • Fix: Caravan social log header shown as "Tomako's Log" when none of the colonists are named Tomako
  • Fix: Details of conditions box previously persisted despite condition already being cured


  • Fix: Save issue when starting the game for the first time on PlayStation now fixed
  • Fix: A problem where a grey screen appears after loading on Xbox Series X is now fixed
  • Fix: The player can no longer interact with the game while it's fading-out to restart, this caused multiple issues that should be now resolved
  • Fix: Solved a memory leak in base game related to animal pen interactions keeping pawns in memory
  • Fix: Changing a ritual building during ideology reform now updates available rituals for that building
  • Fix: Ideology - Lock on narrative text now works as intended and narrative will randomise with other Ideology symbols when unlocked
  • Fix: A previously missing ritual seat precept caused errors when attempting rituals
  • Fix: Style source precepts were not updating in some cases after reforming an ideology
  • Fix: Mass chaos skip did not always teleport all affected pawns
  • Fix: Previously unable to select another request in the Comms Console after already selecting an option
  • Fix: Multiple fixes for the Learning Helper where some lessons were correctly recording progress against it


  • Fix: Sound issues when using the deep drill


  • Fix: Fixed extra quotation marks (") found randomly at the end of sentences in Japanese