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Previous Version: Console version/1.11
Released on: 8 December 2022
Next Version: Console version/1.22
Released on: 4 May 2023

Released on: 25 April 2023

Features / additions[edit]

  • Added: Custom scenarios! Brand new game mode and customisation options
  • Added: You can now toggle Attack, Rescue, and Haul options from the Animals screen
  • Added: You can now copy and paste in Bills screens
  • Added: You can now "Jump to" colonists via the Relationship tab
  • Added: The bill ingredient item amount were added to Bill screens
  • Added: Factions "Opinion of" stats have been changed to numbers versus gauges for better accuracy
  • Added: Audio prompts to Research screens
  • Added: Additional information is now shown on the Scenario Selection screen as Notes
  • Added: Adjust button prompts ontrade screen for better interaction
  • Added: Prisoners and slaves are now identified during Trades
  • Added: Life stage is now shown on the Wildlife menu
  • Added: Revenge and Manhunter indicators to the Wildlife menu
  • Added: Confirm dialogs with additional information to various options



  • Improved: The time speed UI element was made colorful after loading with "Pause on Load" activated
  • Improved: Various UI clean up including Psyfocus
  • Improved: Colonist bar can now show all status icons at once instead of cycling through them
  • Improved: Ingredient amounts in parentheses are now shown on the Bill Ingredients screen
  • Improved: Multiple animal relationships now display in a single row to prevent scrolling issues in the Relationship screen
  • Improved: Message contrast was increased on specific screens to make messages more readable
  • Improved: When player navigates through long lists, acceleration is activated smoothly and no longer skips some options
  • Improved: Hunt and Tame options in the Wildlife menu
  • Improved: Players now have the ability to scroll through Traits
  • Improved: Removed the need to hold to perform actions on multiple dialog screens, for better accessibility and UX


  • Improved: During trades you can no longer sell and buy the same item simultaneously
  • Improved: Tutorial no longer displays wood as material for building when no wood is on the map
  • Improved: Improved performance when multiple things are selected
  • Improved: Inventory pinning, and the Tile Information Visibility status is now saved
  • Improved: Performance of Learning Helper and Learning Helper updates
  • Improved: A question mark is rendered above the target colonist in the "Beggars" quest
  • Improved: Trade filter styles when other buttons are active
  • Improved: Drag selection is now disabled when "Jump to" is selected for a pawn or animal
  • Improved: Mood stats are now shown and players can change options within the Needs tab


  • Improved: Various text display improvements for Italian, Dutch, Korean and Russian



  • Fix: Adjusted Research popup so it no longer extends off-screen
  • Fix: Added navigation prompt to quest rewards screen
  • Fix: Removed scrollbar when final quest item gets dismissed/restored in quest screen
  • Fix: Updated scrollbar position on multiple screens
  • Fix: Sometimes control prompts would not show after returning to a screen after viewing detailed information
  • Fix: Various style fixes for Prisoner screen


  • Fix: Players could previously build out of bounds of the map, which caused gameplay issues
  • Fix: A bug causing quest description duplication was fixed
  • Fix: Buildables like Egg Box now display content amounts and other labels like items
  • Fix: The visual bug in which Difficulty and Storyteller information didn't update in the History tab was fixed
  • Fix: Reticle no longer locks when opening colony details in World map
  • Fix: Display issues related to images on the Wildlife menu
  • Fix: Zooming in map no longer occurs when the Research menu is open
  • Fix: Font issues on the World map
  • Fix: Nature shrine icons now fixed to show correct material and style
  • Fix: Animal grazing column in Form Caravan menu sometimes listed 'No' regardless of the animal
  • Fix: Corrected anima tree linking ritual text
  • Fix: Only one "bed type" window appears when multiple beds are selected
  • Fix: A message about "undignified bedroom" would duplicate itself
  • Fix: Add a title for reactor startup message
  • Fix: Fixed mech units stats
  • Fix: Multiple fixes to formatting issues in information boxes
  • Fix: Changes to a colonist's max heat will now update instantly
  • Fix: Quest rewards sometimes caused the item name to be cut short and the amounts to display the wrong information
  • Fix: Stopped the research popup going out of screen
  • Fix: Storyteller and Difficulty now change in History screen dynamically
  • Fix: Message boxes for Trade screen no longer display underneath the Trade screen
  • Fix: Dates on Historical tab of alerts would previously be truncated


  • Fix: When an alert or message is shown, a sound is now played only the first time


  • Fix: Date sometimes did not show correctly in Japanese

Additional fixes[edit]

  • Fix: Fixed issues with handling insufficient storage and players trying to save / autosave
  • Fix: Better handling for times when players are unable to save DLC settings due to corrupt "Preferences" on PlayStation
  • Fix: Changing profiles caused world generation to show a grey screen
  • Removed: "Select" button prompts from logs which had no actions