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Previous Version: Version/0.0.245
Released on: 30 October 2013
Next Version: Version/0.0.254B
Released on: 7 November 2013

Released on: 4 November 2013



  • Reorganized enemy attack AI to acquire turret targets even without line of sight.
  • Totally refactored how equipment and verbs are managed under the hood.
  • Split repair from construction
  • Beating the fire on a burning pawn stuns them.
  • Firefighters will extinguish nearby friendly pawns even outside home zones.
  • Melee attacks incap more than guns and explosives.
  • Cannot speed up time while a colonist is on fire
  • Short throws will no longer have large inaccuracies
  • Redid how the game uncovers fog at map start.
  • T and G are now zoom keys
  • Traders now stay around for two days, not a half day.
  • Reorganized options menu.

New Content[edit]

  • Added video quality levels. Mostly it just turns off AA.

Bug Fixes[edit]

  • Many bugfixes in prep for public alpha