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I've been playing RimWorld and editing the wiki since 2015. Have also done game testing and bug reporting. This is the first and only wiki I've worked on. Much of the wiki was done before I started, but I've taken the time learn the inner workings, especially how pages and templates store and display data.

Ask me (here: Talk page or here: Rimworld Wiki Discord) if you need any help on this wiki.

What I do:

  • Monitor site for vandalism.
  • Fix broken things - expression errors, formatting issues, etc.
  • Carry out deletion requests.
  • Upload images for game objects, when missing or outdated.
  • Work with:
    • Categories
    • Properties (where data is stored)
    • Templates and infoboxes
    • Queries to display data
    • Concept pages (basically pre-made queries)

My to-do

Try to fix tables not floating on pages with infobox. DONE

Set the table to float, see below. Other pages may need this applied too; will do it if I see them.

<div style="float: left;">
table or other content