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Traits grant special bonuses or conditions to your colonists in addition to adding flavor and allowing more complex player-conceived stories based on those characters.

General Traits

Name Description Effect Conflicting Traits
Nudist NAME enjoys the feeling of freedom that comes from being nude. They can handle clothing, but will be happier without it. +20 mood modifier when naked (excluding armor and headgear)

-3 mood modifier for cloth

Bloodlust NAME gets a rush from hurting people, and never minds the sight of blood or death. +8 mood for witnessing a stranger's death

+13 mood for killing strangers
twice as likely to start a social fight

Kind NAME is a nice person. HE has a tendency to brighten everyone else's day and never insults others. Sometimes tells others Kind Words

+5 mood for anyone who has been told Kind Words by this colonist
Will not Slight or Insult others

Psychopath NAME has no empathy. The suffering of others doesn't bother them at all. They don't mind if others are butchered, left unburied, imprisoned, or sold to slavery - unless it affects them. NAME also feels no mood boost from socializing. Mood not affected by sight of death, unburied colonists, prisoners sold into slavery, butchering of humans or friendly chats[1] -
Cannibal NAME was taught that eating human meat is wrong and horrible. But one time, long ago, they tried it... and they liked it. +15 mood after eating meal made with human flesh

+20 mood after eating raw human flesh

Abrasive NAME always says exactly what's on their mind, especially if it's bugging them. That tends to rub people the wrong way. -4 mood for anyone who has a social chat with this colonist. Stacks up to 3 times -
Too Smart NAME is too smart for their own good. They learn everything much faster than everyone, but can be quite eccentric. Global learning speed (Experience gained) +80%

Mental break threshold +12

Brawler NAME likes to fight up close and personal. Their accuracy is greatly increased in melee combat, but they'll be very unhappy if asked to carry a ranged weapon. Melee hit chance +75%

Melee skill +6
Shooting skill -6
-20 mood for wielding a ranged weapon

Trigger Happy

Careful Shooter

Masochist For NAME, there's something exciting about getting hurt. They don't know why, they're just wired differently. +5 mood bonus for being in a little pain

+10 mood bonus for being in medium pain
+15 mood bonus for being in severe pain
+20 mood bonus for being in shock

Prosthophile NAME feels limited in their feeble human body. NAME often dreams of going bionic. +14 mood bonus for having a bionic body part
-4 mood penalty for not having a bionic body part
Prosthophobe NAME believes the human body is limited for a reason. To them, bionic body parts are unethical. -12 mood penalty for having a bionic body part. Prosthophile
Green Thumb NAME has a passion for gardening. They get a mood bonus for every plant they sow. +1 mood from sowing a plant. Stackable up to 20 times. -
Night Owl NAME likes to work at night. They get a mood bonus if awake at night and mood loss if awake during the day. -10 mood during day (starts: ~11:00, ends: ~18:00),

+16 mood during night (starts: ~23:00, ends: ~06:00).

Greedy NAME needs a really impressive bedroom. They get a mood loss if they don't get what they want. -8 mood for not having an impressive bedroom. Ascetic
Jealous For NAME, it's degrading to have a less impressive bedroom than someone else. NAME gets a mood loss if any colonist has a more impressive bedroom. -8 mood for not having the best bedroom. Ascetic
Ascetic NAME prefers to live in asceticism. HE will be put in a poor mood if HE has a bedroom that's too impressive. HE also dislikes fancy food and prefers to eat raw - and raw food won't bother HIM a bit. -5 mood for having an impressive bedroom.

Mood not affected by food quality.



Gay NAME is romantically attracted to people of their own gender. Will only have romantic relationships with people of same gender. -
Dislikes Men NAME really dislikes and distrusts men. -25 opinion of men. Psychopath
Dislikes Women NAME really dislikes and distrusts women. -25 opinion of women. Psychopath
Annoying Voice NAME's voice has a particularly grating, nasal quality to it, and tends to talk in barked, garbled phrases. This predisposes others to dislike them. -25 opinion from other colonists -
Creepy Breathing NAME breathes heavily all the time, and sweats constantly. People find it creepy. -25 opinion from other colonists -
Pyromaniac NAME loves fire. They will occasionally start fires and will never extinguish them. Incapable of firefighting
Mental state can randomly change to a fire starting spree.
Trigger Happy Pew! Pew! Pew! NAME is a terrible shot, but they don't care, because guns are awesome! Aiming time -50%

Hit chance -50%
Shooting skill -2

Careful Shooter


Careful Shooter NAME is a pretty good shot, but they need more time to focus on their target. Aiming time +25%

Hit chance +50%
Shooting skill +3

Trigger Happy


  1. Specific value not listed in flavor text.

Spectrum Traits

All traits in a given spectrum are mutually exclusive

Speed Traits

These traits affect a colonist's walk speed.

Name Description Effect
Jogger NAME always moves with a sense of urgency - so much so that others often fail to keep up. Movement speed +0.4 c/s
Fast Walker NAME likes to be where HE's going. HE walks quicker than most people. Movement speed +0.2 c/s
Slowpoke NAME is always falling behind the group whenever HE goes anywhere. Movement speed -0.2 c/s

Natural Mood

These traits affect the colonist's base mood.

Name Description Effect
Sanguine NAME is just naturally upbeat about HIS situation, pretty much all the time, no matter what it is. Permanent +12 mood modifier[1]
Optimist NAME is naturally optimistic about life. It's hard to get HIM down. Permanent +6 mood modifier[1]
Pessimist NAME tends to look on the bad side of life. Permanent -6 mood modifier[1]
Depressive NAME is perennially unhappy. HE has trouble sustaining a good mood even when everything is fine. Permanent -12 mood modifier[1]
  1. 1.0 1.1 1.2 1.3 Specific value not listed in flavor text.


These traits affect the colonist's mental break threshold.

Name Description Effect
Iron-Willed NAME's will is an iron shield. HE keeps going through thick and thin, when others broke down long before. Mental break threshold -18
Steadfast NAME is mentally tough and won't break down under stresses that would crack most people. Mental break threshold -9
Nervous NAME tends to crack under pressure. Mental break threshold +8
Volatile NAME is on a hair-trigger all the time. HE is the first to break in any tough situation. Mental break threshold +15


These traits affect the colonist's mental break threshold and their global work speed.

Name Description Effect
Neurotic NAME likes to have things squared away. HE will work harder than most to attain this state of affairs, but HIS nerves can get the better of HIM. Work speed +20%

Mental break threshold +8

Very Neurotic NAME feels constantly nervous about everything that has to get done. HE will work extremely hard to attain this state of affairs, but HIS nerves can easily get the better of HIM. Work speed +40%

Mental break threshold +14


These traits affect the colonist's global work speed.

Name Description Effect
Industrious NAME has an easy time staying on-task and focused, and gets things done much faster than the average person. Work speed +35%
Hard Worker NAME is a natural hard worker and will finish tasks faster than most. Work speed +20%
Lazy NAME is a little bit lazy. Work speed -20%
Slothful NAME loves idleness and hates anything productive. HE moves slowly and rarely stays focused on a task. Work speed -35%

Psychic Sensitivity

These traits influence how much a colonist is affected by psychic phenomena.

Name Description Effect
Psychically Hypersensitive NAME's mind is like a psychic tuning fork. HE is extremely sensitive to psychic phenomena. Psychic sensitivity +80%
Psychically Sensitive NAME's mind is unusually sensitive to psychic phenomena. Psychic sensitivity +40%
Psychically Dull NAME's mind is psychically out of tune with others. HE isn't as affected by psychic phenomena. Psychic Sensitivity -50%
Psychically Deaf NAME's mind works on a psychic frequency different from everyone else. HE just isn't affected by psychic phenomena. Psychic sensitivity -100%

Drug Desire

These traits affect a colonist's likelihood to consume drugs.

Name Description Effect
Chemical Fascination NAME has an intense fascination with chemical sources of enjoyment. HE will consume much more of them, and is more likely to go on binges. -
Chemical Interest NAME has an unusual interest in chemical sources of enjoyment. HE will consume more of them, and is more likely to go on binges. -
Teetotaler NAME abhors the idea of gaining pleasure from chemicals, and avoids alcohol and drugs. Will not go on binges


These traits influences a colonist's appearance and how it affects other colonists' opinions of them.

Name Description Effect
Beautiful NAME is exceptionally beautiful, with an exotic-yet-familiar facial structure and an arresting gaze. People are attracted to HIM before HE even opens HIS mouth. +40 opinion from other colonists
Pretty NAME has a pretty face, which predisposes people to like HIM. +20 opinion from other colonists
Ugly NAME is somewhat ugly. This subtly repels others during social interactions. -20 opinion from other colonists
Staggeringly Ugly NAME is staggeringly ugly. HIS face looks like a cross between a drawing by an untalented child, a malformed fetus in a jar of formaldehyde, and a piece of modern art. Others must exert conscious effort to look at HIM while conversing. -80 opinion from other colonists