Stonecutter's table

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{{Template:TNTN|furniture| |name = <translate> Stonecutter's table</translate> |image = TableStonecutter.png|192px|<translate> Stonecutter's table</translate> |info = |type = Furniture|<translate> Furniture</translate> |type2 = Resources|<translate> Resources</translate> |placeable = y |size = 1|3 |hp = 180 |speed = |time = |yield = |power = |buy = Steel 60 |sell = Steel 30 }}<translate> A work table equipped to cut rough stone into usable blocks.</translate>

<translate> This table is used to cut Rock debris found on the map into Stone bricks that can be used to build the Stone wall and the Stone tile

To start creating bricks, select the table and click on "Bills" then "Add Bill" to add an order to create stone bricks. </translate>

{{Template:TNTN|furniture|wide}} [[Category:<translate> Furniture</translate>]] [[Category:<translate> Resources</translate>]]