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Medical staff use these supplies to heal the wounded.

Medical ItemMedicine
Stack Limit

Base Stats

Deterioration Rate
Market Value
Max Hit Points
Medical Potency

Stat Modifiers

Medicine is used in doctoring to improve the results of medical treatment substantially compared to the organic herbal medicine, but isn't as effective as glitterworld medicine.

In terms of Medicine's optimal use in regards to its medical potency: medicine is best used for treating diseases and infections; it's overkill for standard injuries (unless a pawn is bleeding out so rapidly that they'll bleed out even before herbal medicine treats the wounds), but also isn't good enough to reliably perform surgical operations - unless the doctor is bionic and is enhanced by potentially luciferium and go-juice in conjunction, or is a trauma savant. If you use ordinary medicine in surgical operations, you are generally going to be taking a somewhat significant risk, as you're less likely to succeed with ordinary medicine in Alpha 16 compared to if you were to use herbal medicine in Alpha 15.

Although there's a lot of talk about Medicine when it comes to diseases; ordinary Medicine is still adequate for treating even the plague and malaria with ordinary beds, providing that the patients are rested at all times and well-fed, treatment is prompt, and a healthy doctor with at least 8 or 9 medicine skill (even without the use of the holy grail that is penoxycyline).

Medicine can either be looted from pirate raiders, purchased from outlandish/orbital traders, or manufactured at a drug lab using herbal medicine, cloth, and neutroamine. For the latter option, only people with at least 6 medicine and 3 crafting can produce medicine.