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Gear navbox308:24, 22 February 2015
The "ElStrages mod list" page123:10, 21 January 2015

Gear navbox

Heads up about the gear navbox you've added to some pages: Navboxes up to this point have been put at the bottom of pages, not at the top. Some pages also now have your gear navbox as well as the old navbox the rest of the wiki has.

Zesty (talk)23:28, 20 February 2015

Yeah I saw and I thought they were aweful. the pages needed top navigation for the main areas. At this moment in time I am writing custom CSS for the navigation boxes. I am though having a little trouble with the border-spacing and padding between cells, I can't seem to shift it. I was going to middle the buttons off the ones in game in the Architect menu. Getting close to a finished product. Is there an actual problem with the nav boxes per say other than looks? as if you feel they are pointless or at any point no wanted I will just stop.

ElStrages (talk)23:31, 20 February 2015

Nah, trying to improve navigation isn't 'pointless'. I just wanted to make sure ya didn't miss the bottom navbox.

Zesty (talk)03:05, 22 February 2015

Yeah I saw them. I can change the way hey look if you like or get rid if they aren't needed. Also trying to get a standardisation in the way items are displayed. The info in the info box is great but it doesn't transfer well when trying to find a specific item this is mainly for plants and weapons. On the other hand the way medicine and armour is displayed is much better. So I though we would adopt that as a standard, what do you think?

ElStrages (talk)08:24, 22 February 2015

The "ElStrages mod list" page

This topic might belong better under rather than having it's own dedicated page. Alternatively, it might also fit better under your user page.

Zesty (talk)04:38, 19 January 2015

I didn't stick it there the wiki moderator Evul did.

ElStrages (talk)23:10, 21 January 2015