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Hi I'm Skraps. I've just been adding additional information I couldn't find on the wiki based on personal research. I'd prefer discussing changes before making them but there's not many people to talk to at the moment.

I've done a fair bit of research in to the room inspection tool and room roles, how space/clearance is calculated and how the space in the room effects colonist's thoughts.

I also occasionally post on the Rimworld subreddit. My reddit username is professorkek.

My sandbox. Currently working on a guide there.

Personal to-do list:

These are things I plan on working on eventually. Feel free to do them for me though.

  • Add new carpet colors
  • Add room inspection tool
  • Add new weapons
  • Add vitals monitor
  • Add multi-analyzer
  • Add to sculpture stubs on consolidate them in to one page
  • Fix space related thoughts calculations (and investigate differences in space perception between colonists, particularly related to traits)
  • Research and update hopper page with related machines.