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Market Value 1.2 Silver
Mass 0.4 kg

Stack Limit 75

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This template is used by the Category:Tag system.


Example usage can be seen in Template:Material/Tags:

{{Tag/Basics            | {{#var:name}} }}
{{Tag/Health            | {{#var:name}} }}
{{Tag/Crafting Material | {{#var:name}} }}
{{Tag/Building Material | {{#var:name}} }}
{{Tag/Melee Material    | {{#var:name}} }}

By including this Tag in Template:Material/Tags, it will be used in Template:Material, which will finally be used by Template:Infobox/Thing to parse which properties should be displayed by the infobox.

This Template:Tag is used for the following:

  • Display the Thing's name
  • Display the Thing's market value in silver.
  • Display the Thing's stack limit.
  • Display the Thing's mass, suffixed with 'kg' for kilograms.