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Wooden 'small' throne satisfies emperor

Summary by SyntaxTerror

In fact, if it is written in-game that the 'small' throne satisfies emperor title, assigning it to a baron or higher adds the "undignified throneroom" debuff.

SyntaxTerror (talkcontribs)


This page and Meditation throne state that "Barons or higher will need a grand meditation throne" (the nobility title is also mentioned in some other places in the articles).

It seems to be a mistake, as 'small' wooden throne can accomodate an emperor if the room meets the title requirements (6 columns, 2 braziers, 2 drapes, a piano, impressiveness 160+, fine floor), as seen on the screenshot below (the golden large statue is there only to raise room impressiveness).

Wooden Throne for Emperor.jpg

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