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Damage per second (a.k.a. DPS for short) is a measure of how much damage a given weapon does per second.


These DPS formulas don't account for a pawn's shooting skills.

It's just a calculation of raw, total output damage (on a single target).


The DPS of weapons on the weapons page have been calculated using the following formula:

Optimal DPS

This is the maximum potential damage, ignoring accuracy.

Max DPS = (Damage × Burst Shot Count) ÷ (Ranged Cooldown (ticks) + Warm-up (ticks) + (Burst Time (ticks) * (Burst Count - 1)) × 60

For example:

Charge rifle max DPS = (15 × 3) ÷ (120 ticks + 60 ticks + 12 ticks × (3 - 1)) × 60 = 13.24

Real DPS

This is the realistic damage output of just the weapon itself with accuracy factored in. Doesn't account for colonist skill.

Real DPS = Max DPS × Average Accuracy

For example:

Charge rifle real DPS = 13.24 × 58.8% = 7.79

Numbers are rounded to two decimal places for readability.