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Animals have a "Move speed" (which I just added to the Pack Animal table) - assumably the speed it moves compared to a pawn (Move Speed 4.6). But how (if at all) does this speed relate to helping/limiting caravan speed? Is that speed carried over to the World map for Caravans? Under Donkey is the statement "...Donkeys are the second-fastest pack animal, outpaced only by horses...", yet the listed "Riding speed" doesn't seem to correlate to the Move Speed for all 4 ridable animals (varying Move Speeds, all "1.3 Riding Speed"). If your pawns are riding horses (apparently the fastest), does bringing different types of pack animals limit the caravan more/less? If not, a Donkey may be the 2nd fastest on the detailed map, but not in a caravan on the World map. The mechanic/relationship (if any?) is not apparent - perhaps that column is more confusing than helpful at this point? (Also, I removed "Adult Mass" as irrelevant in this table, assuming no one is going to carry a pack animal.) Albedo (talk) 19:43, 11 January 2022 (UTC)