Machine pistol

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{{Template:TNTN|weapon| |name = <translate> Uzi</translate> |image = Equipment SMG.png|<translate> Uzi</translate> |info = <translate> "Ancient pattern submachine gun. Short range, low power, high rate of fire."</translate> |type = Equipment|<translate> Equipment</translate> |type2 = Weapons|<translate> Weapons</translate> |placeable = y |class = <translate> SMG</translate> |damage = 5 |range = 24 |accuracy = 3 |mode = <translate> auto</translate> |burst = 4 |handling = <translate> Normal</translate> |aim = 1.8 }}<translate> A fast-firing submachine gun able to quickly stun a target at close range. Whenever possible, however, it should be substituted for the beefier, albeit doubly less accurate, R4 Charge Rifle.

The Uzi is best utilized in confined quarters such as hallways, due to its limited range and limited accuracy. Using it to spray raiders trying to enter the corridor will quickly stop their advance and buy time for a counter-attack.

This setting is also a practical terrain for Pistols, Pump Shotguns, and R4 Charge Rifles. If it is a longer hallway, skilled marksmen using Lee-Enfield Rifles or M-24 Sniper Rifles may also be practical. However, they may also be self-destructive if not used carefully.</translate>

The setting also lends itself to Molotov cocktails, Frag Grenades, and T9 Incendiary Launchers, if one is desperate enough not to worry about collateral damage.

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