Electric stove

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{{Template:TNTN|furniture| |name = <translate> Cook stove</translate> |image = TableCookStove.png|192px|<translate> Cook stove</translate> |info = |type = Furniture|<translate> Furniture</translate> |type2 = Food|<translate> Food</translate> |placeable = y |size = 1|3 |hp = 180 |speed = |time = |yield = |power = - 350 |buy = Steel 80 |sell = Steel 40 }}<translate> A simple stove and attached countertops for preparing meals from simpler ingredients.

To order a meal, select the stove, click "Bills" and "Add Bill" to choose a meal type to create - Simple, Fine or Lavish meal. Better meals may provide more benefit to your colonists but require a higher cookery skill to create.

Vegetarian meals are created using raw vegetables/fruit found in the surrounding radius.

Meat options require meat from a Butcher table. </translate>

{{Template:TNTN|furniture|wide}} [[Category:<translate> Furniture</translate>]] [[Category:<translate> Food</translate>]]