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World quests are a new class of events that happen in the world map instead of in your colony. They don't affect any of your bases directly, and to interact with them, you must send out a caravan to investigate.

Bandit camp opportunity

A nearby base is troubled by pirates setting up camp near them, and asks you to take them out in return for improved relations and some payment.

Prisoner rescue opportunity

A prisoner is held (though walks around), and joins your colony once rescued. The camp only lasts a short amount of time.

Retrieval team

This is a straight-up combat mission. Bring combat pawns to fight off the enemies guarding the site.


You may wish to bring extra gear to equip the prisoner with once they are released.

The site tends to be guarded by at least one automatic Mini-turret. However, the defenses are usually powered by a Solar generator. Destroying the generator (or the power conduits leading from it) will cripple the defenses. Alternatively, attack the site at night; there are no batteries to store energy, so they shut down in darkness.

Once the site is cleared, you may wish to spend some time stripping the site of everything valuable before leaving. Besides fallen enemies and their items, the Sandbags, Mini-turret, Solar generator, and the walls and floors can be deconstructed or uninstalled to salvage resources to take home.

Caravan request

A nearby faction base requests a delivery of a specific item and will give payment after delivery is complete. You will need to gather up those resources and deliver them before the time limit is up.

Item quality

Anything normal or better will work. The amount of health remaining does not matter.

For clothing, tainted apparel is not accepted.

Food delivery

When selecting what to bring for a caravan, always select the food that will be eaten first, before selecting the food items that need to be delivered. This helps you to see if colonists or animals have enough food to last the entire trip without digging into your delivery package.

Item stash opportunity

The faction leader notifies you of an item stash nearby, and may warn you of any danger present. If you don't take the stash, others will take it.

Retrieval team

Your retrieval team should include fighters as there may be danger near the item stash, if threats are either present or unknown.

Peace talks opportunity

A hostile faction leader plans a peace talk with your faction at the location. You need to send a negotiator to the location to begin negotiations to improve relations.

You will obviously want to bring the best negotiator your faction has to offer as doing so improves chance of good outcome. You should have a few guards come along to fight off ambushes, especially if the peace talks turn out disastrous and you get ambushed.

Bringing along prisoners to release has no effect on the outcome.

Outcome chances

The actual outcome chances are dependent on the negotiator's Diplomacy Power stat, after going through a simple curve. To do this, the game calculates the bad outcome factor, of the negotiator first.

  • At 0% power, the bad outcome factor is 4.
  • At 100% power (healthy, lvl 10 Social), the bad outcome factor is 1.
  • At 150% power (healthy, lvl 20 Social), the bad outcome factor is 0.4.

The new weight of each outcome is calculated afterwards.

  • Triumph = 0.1 * ( 1 / Bad Outcome Factor)
  • Success = 0.55 * ( 1 / Bad Outcome Factor)
  • Flounder = 0.2
  • Backfire = 0.1 * Bad Outcome Factor
  • Disaster = 0.05 * Bad Outcome Factor

The sum total of the new weights is then calculated.

Finally, the probability of each outcome is calculated:

Probability of each outcome = New Weight ÷ Sum Total of Weights


Take a level 15 Social negotiator as an example:

  1. The diplomacy power is 125%, corresponding to a bad outcome factor of 0.7.
  2. The new weight of each outcome, to 3 d.p.:
    • Triumph = 0.1 * ( 1 / 0.7) = 0.143
    • Success = 0.55 * ( 1 / 0.7) = 0.786
    • Flounder = 0.2
    • Backfire = 0.1 * 0.7 = 0.07
    • Disaster = 0.05 * 0.7 = 0.035
  3. The sum total of new weights is calculated:
    • 0.143 + 0.786 + 0.2 + 0.07 + 0.035 = 1.234
  4. Finally, the probability of each event, to 2 d.p.:
    • Triumph = 0.143 / 1.234 = 11.58%
    • Success = 0.786 / 1.234 = 63.69%
    • Flounder = 0.2 / 1.234 = 16.21%
    • Backfire = 0.07 / 1.234 = 5.67%
    • Disaster = 0.035 / 1.234 = 2.84%

Precious minerals found

Similar to the item stash quest, except a lump of ore is spawned that requires mining.

Retrieval team

Your team must include miners who can extract the minerals from the lump of ore. Since not all threats are picked up by the scanner, it's best that your miners are capable of combat to eliminate threats whether or not any is detected.

For non-small volume minerals, you will need animals to help carry them.

Journey offer

Unlike most other world quests, this is played out on a map with a size similar to that of your bases. In the middle of that map is the ship with a powered-down core, which takes 15 days to activate and during that time will attract lots of danger.

Setting off

You will need to prepare for your long distance journey to the ship. If you don't plan on expanding the ship you can only bring up to 18 colonists to leave the planet.

To bring as much food as possible, make pemmican, as it's light yet energy packed, perfect for long distance travel. If you need to travel for longer than 75 days, you will need to bring packaged survival meals as well as these last indefinitely.

Journey offers tend to spawn as far away as possible, meaning you will need to pack food for years. Colonists are unable to carry that much food on themselves to sustain them for that long, so you will either need to set up camp to forage/plant food, or bring pack animals with you.

Trading for supplies

A viable alternative to bringing massive amounts of food is to bring more valuable items instead, then barter for supplies as you slowly proceed towards the ship. With light yet valuable items such as drugs, you can carry a lot more worth with you.

Carrying lots of high-value items will attract pirates so be well-guarded.

Base hopping

A more time-consuming method of reaching the journey destination is to bring less, but settle down regularly to restock on supplies.

If you plan on growing food, it's best to settle days before the growing season to make the most out of it. Also do so before you completely run out of food, for you need time to set up and grow/ gather food.

Keep in mind that raids and other events will happen should you decide to settle down. Not that caravans are risk-free either.

Settling down

Once you party reaches the ship you will need to power it up before it can function. You will need to survive 15 days before you can leave.

Base building

After settling down, you should at least build some simple structures for your colonists to live in and wait out the activation time.

You should get a barracks or dormitory, as well as a common room (dining + rec room). A simple warehouse and freezer may also be useful but is not essential to survival.


You need to defend the ship from enemies who will attempt to demolish the ship parts and perhaps steal the materials. Treat it as if you are defending a base, with something important inside.

Since enemies won't come until you start up the ship core, you can take your time to set up.

Ship expansion and construction

You can expand the ship by adding additional cryptosleep caskets for colonists to hibernate in. This is useful for saving some materials overall in building the ship, but you'll need to figure out how to get the necessary materials there- set up bases nearby, mine the resources in the map (which generates as a regular 'base' map so minerals do spawn), or do it the good old way with muffalo.

The ship also comes with 1 extra engine, which can be deconstructed for resources.


Cryptosleep survival

You can put unnecessary colonists to sleep inside the caskets to save resources. If you are more hardcore you can also have everyone hibernate there, as ship cryptosleep caskets allow you to eject colonists manually, and wake them up only to defend. This does mean that colonists will be afflicted with cryptosleep sickness, hampering their combat effectiveness when they need to rise to defend the ship.