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Previous Version: Version/1.4.3536
Released on: 3 November 2022
Next Version: Version/1.4.3541
Released on: 8 November 2022

Released on: 4 November 2022

Version 1.4.3537 is up now on the unstable (and now stable) branch!

  • Updated player name-in-game content.
  • Reduced "got some lovin'" thought stacked effect multiplier from 0.75 -> 0.6.
  • Remove "Flesh purity" meme from waster pirate ideo choices.
  • Send a message to the player if a pawn is taking a baby to a safe place.
  • Mechs can be multi-selected from the mechanitor's control group gizmo by shift-clicking.
  • Added some missing [MustTranslate] and [NoTranslate] attributes to FactionDef.
  • Send a message notifying when a subscore softscan has completed.
  • Display "deathrest connection limit" and "deathrest effectiveness" stats for non-built deathrest buildings.
  • "Fertilize" float menu option displays whose ovum it is.
  • Fix: Typo in "kind instict" gene description.
  • Fix: Wind turbine auto-cut toggle not working.
  • Fix: Multiple deathrest gizmos from germline and xenogene deathrest genes.
  • Fix: Genes losing pawn references after death->save->load->resurrect.
  • Fix: instruments are locked behind Royalty AND Ideology instead of Royalty OR Ideology.
  • Fix: Players can create xenogerms missing prerequisites of contained genes.
  • Fix: Drafted colony mechs remain drafted after their mechanitor develops a mental state.