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Infobox redesign[edit]

These infoboxes are in progress.

ARGH! Cargo still slower than a one-legged centipede at actually updating or storing the data. Damn job queue requirements... No amount of purge cache or null saving pages helps. All I can do is wait, and wait some more, and hope it doesn't bug out.


  • Attack
  • Biome
  • Body parts
  • Building (furniture etc - maybe we need to split it up further)
  • Food
  • Plant (incl. trees)
  • Resources
  • Weapon
  • Probably many more

Ghost pages[edit]

A lot of pages were deleted a few years back, but we still have some ghost pages from currently unavailable namespaces. They are:

Think the best way to deal with these is to re-install the extensions that once hosted these pages, delete them all, then uninstall the extensions again. Currently we don't seem able to access these pages.