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Hi. I'm Koz. Please: if you know how to change amount of meat/leather that an animal gives, tell me. I'm willing to update them page by page, but I can't figure out where the meat/leather yield are in the template.

About Me

I've played Rimworld since my college roommate introduced it to me around B15. I spend most of my time on the game fighting the lag inherent in raising 500 dogs. I prefer the vanilla game (my only mods on most games are StackMerger, which is obsolete since it was added into the vanilla game around 1.0; and the animal Spay/Neuter mod) but I'm willing to try any mod once. I wrote my own religion mod that added Churches, Altars, a new Religion research branch, but it's been lost to the wave of updates.

My Edits

For every edit I make, I manually checked the information in game with a new vanilla game (currently running version 1.0.2150). All of the information I get, I'm getting from the 'i' buttons on pawns (must be full health, no Diffs, not too old or too young) or items (must be just dropped on the map, full hitpoints, etc).

Recently, I've tried to help update the Animals and Textiles pages, which have changed significantly with the 0.19/1.0 updates. I've touched the pages of almost every old textile and new merged textile type to update the sources of the leathers and (if it exists) the new leather type that has replaced the obsolete types. I also updated to match 0.19/1.0 animals' leather types, life expectancy, body size, speed, etc.... pretty much everything except the combat information. If there's something wrong with the way I did it, let me know. I'm new to the wiki/its editing conventions.