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Traps are static defenses that trigger when enemies step upon, since they are invisible to them. As of 1.0 all traps in-game are single-use, have to be rebuilt after use and cannot be placed directly next to one another.


Traps belonging to the enemy are still visible to you (the player), but not to the colonists, whose pathfinding will not avoid the traps. Note that no known vanilla events will generate enemy traps.


A nice trap layout, but apparently not fool-proof.

Traps should be laid on "easy" access paths, to maximize the chances an enemy will use it. The un-trapped path for colonists may be protected with doors, so that the enemy AI consider them a waste of effort.

Explosive traps should be kept away from colonists. The most powerful ones are more useful in the outskirts, while others can usually be handled with stone walls.


  • Pre-1.0 (beta): The deadfall trap could be re-armed after triggering, allowing for many uses. It costs more materials than a spike trap, does less damage, and cost more time to build.
  • 1.0: The deadfall trap is removed. (Mod with the old trap.)