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Harakoni (talkcontribs)

Just letting you know if you let me perform Moves I can preserve the version history/talk/etc of the relevant page.

This is mostly relevant where a page needs to be renamed generally and editors will create a new page and Copy-paste the content over losing all the version history, but the split of mechanoids into a generic mechanoid page and a faction page is an example too. Mechanoids previously being a faction page will have a version history/talk etc that reflects the history of the faction, while the new mechanoid page is just about them generally so isn't related to the history. Letting me move that original page to mechanoid hive, and then repurposing the redirect it left behind at mechanoids for a generic page lets the wiki keep that version history about the faction on the relevant page, which makes future edits/revisions/reversions/versioning easier. I've done that swap over now - it lost no content, but did lose a little of the version history. No big deal.

Please don't confuse this with an admonishment, you are always welcome to be bold, but its just another consideration and another tool thats available to you.

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