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Zesty (talkcontribs)


I've un-busted the Backstories page. I did this by typing in the edit URL for the page, manually:

I think the templates are too big to included. I think it'd be wise to include an tag, and make a brief summary of the contents, with links to the articles. I think the combined page is a little too large for the wiki to digest.

Cheers, Zesty

Mehni (talkcontribs)

Well shucks. And both backstory pages aren't even complete yet. Does "too large" go for both of them as well? Might have to split it up alphabetically then or something.

Zesty (talkcontribs)

No idea. I'd give it a go; if it breaks, you could always just have the edit page ready & open to revert it.

(but splitting it up is probably a good idea for the sake of people's slower browsers).

Mehni (talkcontribs)

Yeah, solved it. Backstories is now limited to the general adulthood/childhood backstories, and there are 4 pages for the player-created backstories: Childhood A-M and N-Z, and Adulthood A-M and N-Z. Displaying A-Z in one page is a no-go, that kills the wiki.

Thanks for the assist.

Zesty (talkcontribs)

Seems solid to me. I never realized how many player-written stories there were before now.