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I appreciate the sentiment a lot. I just couldn't understand why you were undoing my revisions on things I felt were pretty clear-cut. But I don't want to be the guy who thinks his way is always right; I've actually agreed with a lot of the revisions done to my edits, because I felt they made more sense and felt more concise. I just haven't said it out loud yet. As for summaries, I actually was reading them; one of the summaries about my first edit to a mortar page led me to believe my edits were reverted simply because I didn't edit all 3 pages at once, so I did edit all 3 later, but it confused me when those edits were also taken down. But I'm very willing to let consensus do its work so there's no (more) confusion on this, because I don't like to start drama. Thank you again for reaching out to me.

And I still want to press on one thing: If you are seeing colonists auto-undraft themselves, which is something I personally have never seen both in vanilla and in modded RimWorld A17, you really should make a note of this on the Drafting page. Are you using the Steam version, perhaps, to get this feature? Because I'm using the original download. I'm not sure if maybe I missed something or didn't turn a certain feature on, but for me, colonists never auto-undraft themselves. I've always done it manually.

Setokaiva (talk)16:43, 23 September 2017

These are some links to Wikipedia, the rules there don't apply here strictly said but the principles are still used here:

Wikipedia:Edit Warring & Three revert rule


Wikipedia:Policies and guidelines

Any questions you may have in the future should be addressed in the Community Portal, it's very likely that the answers will still come up from the same people (there's only a handful of us active users) but (at least since I started editing in are the first in asking) basic editing questions are better placed in an easy access page where everybody would naturally check for info instead of a user's talk page. I don't mind giving you the heads up.

Q: What is a revert? A: A Revert is when a text that was removed, had been re-added or when a same text has be re-removed twice or the same last two users. While it can happen between different users, the two with opposite views need to address it in the talk page.

So, basically, if you re-add a text that somebody else has removed after your edit, you are "reverting" and before doing so it's best to take it to the talk page.

Q: What's an Undo? A: Undo is mostly used when many elements in a same page need to be reverted simultaneously, or simply a reincidenting revert keeps reappearing (constant same remarks), Undo just saves us a lot of time that could be better used doing other things.

The auto-undraft was already edited by PG and yes, my game was downloaded from Stream.

23:24, 23 September 2017