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Honestly I preferred it before; it no longer makes use of wide screen resolutions and the intro text really feels packed in.

Check wikipedia for a good layout like this that fills the space cleanly.

TynanSylvester (talk)07:46, 7 March 2015

I will have a look at that picture when im not at work, as it is blocked. They were never joined on my screen either at any point. The main problem is they arn't actually borders of boxes they're undelines of the header class. I can look into changing the Text settings and border settings of the boxes if you think it will look better.

Ok i opened it up in firefox and saw the issues. Sorry im an IE guy which is aweful as IE is probably the worst for testing :P i have updated the in table styles and changed some widths.

  • The intro text is now same width as the table bellow section.
    • Link sections reduced to compensate
  • The top tables width is now 100% maximising on larger res screens.
  • Logo aligned to center for FF and Safari
ElStrages (talk)08:15, 9 March 2015