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This template is used to take a temperature value in Celsius, so it can then display both Celsius and Fahrenheit.

The template accepts both numbers and expressions as inputs.


Type {{Temperature|<X>}} on the page to be marked, where X is your temperature value in Celsius.

To display a range of temperatures, type {{Temperature|<X>|<Y>}} on the page to be marked, where X and Y are the bounds of your temperature range in Celsius.

To display a temperature difference rather than an absolute temperature type {{Temperature|X||delta}} or {{Temperature|<X>|<Y>|<delta>}}.

Example 1[edit]

Absolute temperature: {{Temperature|20}}

20 °C (68 °F)

Example 2[edit]

Absolute temperature: {{Temperature|32}}

32 °C (89.6 °F)

Example 3[edit]

Absolute temperature range: {{Temperature|20|32}}

20 °C – 32 °C (68 °F – 89.6 °F)

Example 4[edit]

Temperature difference: {{Temperature|20||delta}}

20 °C (36 °F)

Example 5[edit]

Temperature difference range: {{Temperature|20|32|delta}}

20 °C – 32 °C (36 °F – 57.6 °F)