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About is used to add disambiguation links at the top of the page.


{{About|def=no|topic|other topic|link}}

Do not use this template on an article with an unambiguous title; for example, a reader who searches specifically for "Animalist slab (medium)" is not likely to have been looking for an article about the broad version of the animalist slab, so it would not be appropriate to add {{About|Animalist slab (broad)}} to the top of the Animalist slab (medium) article.

The def=no parameter is optional.

The section=1 parameter is optional.


{{About|the plant|the consumable food item|Agave fruit}} gives:

{{About|the plant}}

{{About|section=1|the turret weapon|the mechanoid weapon|Inferno cannon}}

{{About|def=no|the consumable food item|Agave fruit}}

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