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This template is creates an easy method for making statements such as Social -5 get replaced with a red − symbol and number, the manner in which they are presented in the game. Note that the '−' symbol generated by this template is longer and more visually appealing than the '-' symbol found on most keyboards, especially when prefixing numbers.


Some text here {{--|value}}

By default, values are bolded. See the examples below for usage where this is not desirable.


Use this template any time you are referencing negative deductions from skills, stats, moods, and the like.

Rarely an deduction of a value may be a benefit to the player. A prime example would be Mental break threshold −12. In these cases, use the {{---}} template instead and the text will be highlighted green in order to make it obvious to the player the modifier is a positive thing.

By default, the result will be bolded. You may also call the following parameters after the value to change this behavior: |n (non-bold), |normal (non-bold).


Example 1

This code:

Social {{--|5}}

produces the following result:

Social −5

Example 2

This code:

Mood {{--|80|n}}

produces the following result:

Mood −80

This code:

Mood {{--|80|normal}}

produces the following result:

Mood −80

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