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The game uses Celsius, so the wiki should also.101:08, 27 July 2015

The game uses Celsius, so the wiki should also.

Guys, the game uses Celsius. I'm an American, but even I know that 20 degrees is room temperature, 40 degrees is a sweltering 100 F, and 0 degrees is freezing. For the sake of consistency I am changing the article to be consistent with the game's chosen metric. Thanks.

Jpwrunyan (talk)22:35, 24 July 2015

Perhaps it'd be helpful to have a simple template page that calculates the Fahrenheit so it can be displayed alongside the Celsius? Format example: "Some text here 30C (86F) more text here" An example with ticks can be found here:

Also note that the game actually gives you the option to use Fahrenheit and Kelvin if you want to in the options.

Zesty (talk)01:08, 27 July 2015