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Hunger Rates listed are incorrect[edit]

The hunger rates listed in this table are not those you will find in game when pulling up the info tab for any given animal. You will instead find that the hunger rates listed in game are all 1.6 times the amount listed in this table. That is because the rates listed in this table are from the XML race definitions data files for the game and taken from the baseHungerRate property. However this property is not a nominal value. It is instead a percentage of the base human hunger rate, which is 1.6, which you can see if you pull up the info tab on any pawn in the game.

Looking back through the page history, it seems like it has been this way since the data was first imported. I am surprised that in 5+ years of the wiki, it never came up as far as I can tell. Perhaps the in-game presentation of hunger rates has changed? Either way, there is a clear contradiction between current in-game numbers and the listed wiki values here.

I am going to edit this page with the nominal hunger rate values. Since this table links to each individual animal page, I'm going to start editing them with the nominal hunger rate values. I understand that it is probably more convenient to go directly off the data file values but all that really needs to be done is to multiply the value by 1.6. This should remain constant through future versions of the game so long as the base pawn hunger rate is not changed. It is unlikely that the nature of the baseHungerRate property itself will change from a percentage of human hunger rate.

--21:30, 29 June 2020 (UTC)Rookwood

I have updated the templates for this table and the animal infoboxes. Hunger rates should be nominal now. Will need to be updated if the base rate or method of calculation is changed.

--Rookwood (talk) 23:18, 29 June 2020 (UTC)